Sunday, March 16, 2014

Apple Blossoms by Incoco

Hey, hey! I am thrilled that Incoco (aka my favorite nail applique brand) sent me some of their appliques from their new Garden Daydreams Collection. :D I was sent a total of 4 different designs and didn't know where to start -- I was so overwhelmed by their adorable spring patterns. :) So, I decided to start off with my least favorite of the bunch.
I know it's horrible way to choose what to wear first... Think about it as "Wow! These are cute so the others should be even better!" in Jenna's opinion of course. ;) I am going to start off with the Apple Blossoms pattern. Keep reading to see how they turned out on the nail. :)
Apple Blossoms Appliques by Incoco

Incoco has never disappointed me! My initial review for this brand was back in July 2013 (my nails were super long back then...) and my feelings remain the same: I LOVE INCOCO.
 If you're confused about what Incoco Appliques are or want to know why I rave about these products, go read that review. ;) It's so cool how these strips are actually made out of polish (not plastic) and are super easy to apply. In fact, I only used 3 total strips to do this entire hand instead of using 5 new ones for each nail. It saves you appliques that you can use for a future mani!  
But anyway, back to a swatch of Apple Blossoms. I know you're probably thinking that I'm insane since these are my least favorite out of the bunch but trust me -- they're all so precious and I just don't think that Apple Blossoms look very good on me. :/ It's a gorgeous design! There is a pearly pink and purple base has a sponged effect and their are white blossoming branches. :) I just read the online description that Incoco writes about Apple Blossoms and it says: "The pale silhouette of flowering branches looks especially lovely over soft pinks and purples." I didn't know that this was supposed to have a base polish... I'm kind of confused but that factor may contribute to why I didn't really like this look on me. The design just didn't stand out.
But here is one last photo of Apple Blossoms by Incoco! I am actually surprised that the company suggests to lay this design over a base color -- Incoco is all about not having to use topcoats or basecoats. I might have to try that with this applique since I have extras (I don't like to waste things xD).
You can buy a set of Incoco Nail Apliques (8 different sizes, 16 appliques total in each set) for $8-$10 depending on the pattern you buy. :) I look forward to showing you all the rest of Incoco's Spring 2014 Garden Daydreams Collection this week!
Your Polish Pal,


  1. This is very pretty! I haven't tried these but I've heard such great things about them. Nice to know you like them too.

  2. Hey Jenna! We're glad you love the strips we sent - thanks for the lovely review (:

    To clarify the description of Apple Blossoms - the applique does not need a "base color" - rather, the soft pinks and purples we mentioned are the background of the flowering branches.
    We're looking forward to reading your next reviews!

  3. I've never tried incoco... I tried some Joe fresh appliques but I didn't have much luck with them :( they got all wrinkly and I couldn't get the free edge smooth not sure if I want to try appliques again