Saturday, April 5, 2014

No Time To Be Blue!

Long time, no nails my friends! :O I believe this has officially been my longest break from doing my nails in forever... I think I wore a total of 3 different polishes in the last two weeks with minimal, if any, nail art. It was a nice break because I basically just wore glitter polish but I've missed nail art so much. So here I have a super simple accent nail design and I'm wearing one of my favorite blue polishes. :)

I know that I already mentioned on Instagram why I have been absent for so long, but I should probably let everyone else know too. ;) In the last 2 weeks, BIG things have happened in my life! Specifically... *drum roll please* I have finally decided on which college I will attend next year! I AM BEYOND PUMPED. I actually got admitted to all 4 colleges that I applied to and it was a hard choice deciding which one to choose due to a variety of factors (price, distance away from home, best business program, etc.) So, where will this Polish Pal be going next year? I am officially a Gonzaga Bulldog you guys. ;) <3
That was my last couple of weeks --  deciding where I was going to go to college, buying my prom dress, and trying to get over a nasty cold. I'm just trying to finish this semester and graduate now. :) (Sorry for all these personal tidbits but I just have to share what's going in my life right now! Oh, and for those that don't know, I'm currently a full-time Running Start student. That just means I take all of my classes at a local college. That's why I consider myself a college student already but I don't officially graduate from high school until this year. Yes, all 65 semester credits that I have accumulated over the last 2 years will transfer when I actually start at Gonzaga this fall. :) Class of 2014, baby!)  But here: I have nail art. xD 
This is my first time ever doing an accent nail that isn't on my ring finger nail. :O How scandalous...
 I was inspired to do this design by @JauntyJuli on Instagram. The blue polish Sally Hansen Pacific Blue (which I totally forgot I owned until today!). The white and black is acrylic paint and those awesome silver studs are from the Born Pretty Store of course. :) My 10% discount code is JZX31.
Thank you all for sticking with my even through the busy times in my life! I am so stoked for the future. ;D Once again, I apologize for my 'life story' but some people probably thought I fell off the face of Earth. xD I hope it kind of explain how busy I am. I don't have any time to be blue and I've never been so motivated in my life to make the best out of what I have. :)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Great to see you back with a new design! Love that blue from Sally Hansen so it looks great in this blue nail art :) I love JauntyJuli too so its great to see you recreate her tribal design.

  2. great nails! I love how you made your index finger your accent nail instead! :) congratulations on getting into all the colleges you applied for and making a decision on where to go! I'm thinking about going back to school but I have no idea what to take (I graduated with a BA in Psych in 2010 at 22... since then I've been working at a really boring job that isn't really going anywhere... lol) I think maybe I should have taken business too... it seems more useful

  3. Nice to have you back! The accent nail design is very eye catching so it is totally enough for this beautiful blue Sally Hansen polish!