Sunday, August 17, 2014

Vertical Rainbow Gradient

Eeep! I haven't been this excited about my nails in a while. ;) I have finally tried out a vertical gradient and I'm freaking lovin' it! This post is a little picture heavy but I hope that you enjoy my vertical rainbow gradient nails. :)

You can create a vertical gradient exactly the same way as a traditional horizontal gradient but instead of painting the colors onto the sponge horizontally, (you guessed it!) you will paint the colors vertically. :) 
 The only polish that I used in my rainbow gradient was Porcelain II by Seche as a base and then L.A. Girl's Diamond Top Coat. :) The colors are actually acrylic paint from Walmart! I knew that I wanted to do a rainbow gradient when I finally completed my rainbow of acrylic paints earlier this week. :D 
 They're so shiny... this topcoat is pretty awesome. :)
 And one last photo of my shiny rainbow vertical gradient!
 But hey... here is the gradient matted. ;)
I adore OPI's Matte Top Coat too. ;) Do you prefer these rainbow nails matte or shiny though? :O 

Your Polish Pal,


  1. These look so good! I've never tried a vertical rainbow gradient on the nails too so I'll have to put this on my to do nail art list. I kinda like it matte!

  2. I can not remember that I ever tried a vertical gradient, but your looks so good that now I really want to try it too!