Thursday, August 21, 2014

Color Changing Gel Polish by Simply Spoiled Review

Hey everyone! Have you noticed that gel polishes are becoming increasingly popular? I have only tried gel polish once so it's exciting to review a different brand, this time by Simply Spoiled. :) Keep reading if you're interested in learning more about Simply Spoiled's new gel polish that changes colors in different temperatures that only requires UV (aka sunlight!) to cure. ;) 

I was sent 2 different gel polishes from Simply Spoiled; the first polish that I'm going to show you is Pink/Purple and the second will be Blue/Purple. I'm going to wait until the very end of this post to write the actual review by the way, so feel free to scroll past all these photos to read my final verdict.
Pink/Purple Color Changing Gel Polish is pink in the heat -- so basically anytime that you walk outside during the summer with this polish on, you're going to have a gorgeous shade of pink on! 
I didn't have to add any topcoat to these gel polishes which is fantastic! They're naturally just so shiny. :)
Okay, here is the Pink/Purple Color Changing Gel Polish in colder temperature, aka when I stuck my nails under cold running water because let's face it, during the summer, it's difficult to get cold. 
I wasn't able to get a very good photo of the "cold" version on my nails because as soon as I took my hand out of the sink, the polish would rapidly turn back to pink! It was just so dang hot inside my house. 
Here is what Pink/Purple would look like in the cold stage and what it looks like coming out of the bottle. I used the Elmer's Glue Method with this gel polish so that I could peel it off easily since I had a couple to swatch. Gel polish isn't something that I personally would wear only because it's meant to stay on for up to 2 weeks with no chipping. You can probably guess I do my nails at least twice a week so gel polish just doesn't appeal to me right now. xD I do my nails too often for gel polish to be an option!
So this is Blue/Purple Color Changing Gel Polish by Simply Spoiled in the heat. :)
I love this shade of blue and luckily it happens to be the hot version so I saw it the majority of the time. ;D
These glitter jelly gel polishes (that's a mouthful) are killin' me! I love the natural jelly sandwich look these polishes make. 
And here is Blue/Purple in the cold stage -- I was able to make my nails stay in the cold stage long enough to take a photo by holding a popsicle for a few minutes... xD Yes, I ended up eating it too. ;)
This purple is definitely a lot darker and vampier than the purple that Pink/Purple will give you so don't worry about having any dupes here!
Phew! There are all the photos of Simply Spoiled Gel Polishes that I have for you today. :)

Overall Thoughts:
Simply Spoiled Gel Polishes are a great option if you like gel polishes that don't require special equipment to cure since all you need is sunlight for the polish to harden. I only needed 3 coats to make each polish completely opaque -- the best way to apply this gel polish is to paint one thin coat and then let your nails cure outside and then repeat until you're happy with the opaqueness.

I have never seen glitter jelly gel polishes before so these were certainly unique! Plus, polish that changes in different temperatures are always neat too. ;) If you are interested in gel polishes that change colors, these perfect! They change color really quickly based on how warm or cold your hands are. So even though it's summer and my hands are warm most of the time, if I opened the fridge or stood near a fan. my nails would quick transition into the "hot" stage.

Would I suggest this product? Most definitely if gel polishes are your thing, especially if you love jelly sandwich nails and not just one shade colors. :) You can find these color changing gel polishes from Simply Spoiled here -- they retail for $18.99 but you can use my 40% off discount code: polishpals. If you use this discount code, these gel polishes will only be $11.40 each which is a pretty good price for gel polish. (Simply Spoiled products always look like they have a high price but when you use discount codes, they really aren't that bad!) If you buy these gel polishes right now though, they're on sale right now for only $12.99 before the discount code! ($7.80 with my code ;))

Thanks for checking out my review of Simply Spoiled Color Changing Gel Polish! Would you wear jelly gel polishes with glitter in it?

Your Polish Pal,

*I was provided the product(s) to review. I was not paid to give this review. This is my honest opinion based on my personal experience with the product(s).


  1. So cool to see and know that these are gel and they change color too. I personally haven't tried gel polish but I think there great for people who want there color to last and stay longer on the nails.

  2. I never tried gel polishes and I don't own any thermal polish in my collection, but I sure enjoyed reading your post and seeing the beautiful transformation that these polishes go truth! I wish you a great Friday and weekend!

  3. I like the nails.