Saturday, July 12, 2014

How Majestic by First Loved Designs

Hey there! It’s time to get back to swatching some pretty indie polishes but of course that doesn’t mean you can’t add nail art to your swatch. ;) Let’s take a look at First LovedDesigns’ new collection called Summer Love. Here is a sneak peak of the nail art I did with How Majestic. :D

I was sent How Majestic from First Loved Designs’ Summer Love Collection. This is perfect because I always need to add more purple shades to my polish collection. ;) (I only have like 6…. YES. Only.)
How Majestic is a pretty medium purple with a satin finish. It definitely looks a lot darker in the bottle but really isn’t that dark when you apply onto your nails.
I used 3 coats and didn’t add a topcoat since I really liked the ‘natural finish’. I thought that a clear topcoat would ruin that. xD
It’s time to add some nail art to this indie polish!
I didn’t know what to add this this already perfect purple polish. (Did you see what I did there?!?! Alliteration mooahaha!) But when in doubt, just tribal it out. ;)
The only polish that I used was How Majestic by First Loved Designs and the black is just acrylic paint. I was inspired by @mayasnailart on Instagram. :)

And here is a close up of my accent nail since my thumb is just purple!

You can find Lisa’s Summer Love Collection online here along with a bunch of other polishes! I love how all her full sized polishes (15mL bottles) are only $5 for every polish every day. :) There is one last polish that she sent me that I cannot wait to show you all. A hint of what it could be? Glittering gold. ;)

Your Polish Pal,


  1. What an interesting shade of purple! I like the black designs you did too.

  2. I love the purple shade in combination with the rest of this nail art!
    I think this design looks great on your nails ;)

    xx julia