Saturday, September 28, 2013

S is for Smiley Face

Smile and be happy! <3 Yes, yes, yes! I freaking love smiley faces. (In fact... it was the first design I ever did on my nails way back in the days. xD) So, I decided it was about time to recreate them for S nails for the ABC Nail Art Challenge. I give you S is for smiley face nails. ;)

Aren't these guys just the cutest?! Sure they may look similar to my texting smiley face nails I did a while ago but I think the yellow makes them even more crazy and cute. ;)
The only polished I used is the weird yellow which is Color Club Almost Famous. I don't think I'd ever just wear this yellow by itself but it makes a great smiley face base color! xD
The simplest manis always turned out to be so great for me! Sadly.. I have to remove these now because I have to do my birthday nails guys! *~<:D Happy face about stuffing my face with cake and ice cream but sad face I have to take these cuties off. :(
Thumb shot! <3
And I went to Sally's today to buy my favorite acetone and new topcoats. <3 I ended up buying 3 different topcoats (Seche Vite, Seche Clear, and Orly Sec n Dry) and just acetone. I didn't get anything else because I didn't see anything I "needed" but I shall be back next month for a polish run for sure! It was killing me though that I ran out of topcoat so that's why I decided to buy 3... shhhh. Don't judge me.
S is for Smiley Face Nails. :)
Thanks Emily (@blueemster on Instagram) for giving the idea to do smiley faces. :D Let's see how see how my birthday nails turn out for tomorrow now. ;)
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Haha, I love these, they're fab! Loving the happy guy in the middle and lovestruck dude on the thumb =D

  2. How to make them????? :( I'm really struggling with it