Monday, July 15, 2013

A is for Aztec

Sometimes challenges are a good thing.. They force you to think. Last year I tried to complete the 31 day challenge but failed epically because I felt too confined. Ahhh! But you all know that I love a good challenge. ;) So instead, this year I decided that I'm going to do the ABC Nail Challenge. That's right. For each post, I'm going to do something that begins with a letter of the alphabet. :) And no, I'm not this original to think of this by myself. xD I was inspired to do this by Rachel of Rewdoesnails and @atxlacquerista on Instagram. :) I probably won't be doing a new post everyday (because I still gotta have some fun with swatches and such ;)) but I will go in order with my ABC's. :) Hopefully this challenge will be lot more successful than my other.. I have a feeling it will though! ;)
So phew! Now that I've explained what the ABC Nail Challenge is, lets see what I came up with today. A is for Aztec nails. :)

So the only polishes I used were Neutral Beauty by Sephora as the base and Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by China Glaze as the yellow highlights. The black is acrylic paint.
Here is a quick swatch of Neutral Beauty by Sephora (no topcoat). I was looking for a pretty nude and I ended up buying this one. I realized it's actually more of a tan/a darker nude... It's still pretty but the quest to find the perfect nude is still on. >.<
I really like how these tribal nails turned out to actually look more "Aztec-y" than my other ones. I think it's because of the tan base. ;)
Why do I have so many different hand poses...? O_o I'm sorry! I love them all!
I also forgot to mention that this is the first time that I've been inspired by clothing. ;)
And yup. I was inspired by a dress at the Loft store. ;) I took a picture of it on my camera but this is a better photo from their website. The dress is so cute in person! But go ahead and check it out online too. ;)
Phew! A is doooooone. Let's see what I have up my sleeve for B. :D
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Beautiful! Did you make your own light box? And what camera do you use? Your pictures are all so perfect!

    1. Haha, this is going to sound so bad but I use my iPod 5th Generation for ALL my photos and no light box -- I have a white dresser and then just take my picture with natural light from my window :) Hope this kind of helps! (I'm cheap bahaha!!)