Thursday, January 31, 2013

Faces in Cool Places

That's right. Faces in some pretty cool places. ;) (aka my nails hahaha). My mom actually has been giving me a lot of recommendations on what to put on my nails. xD Silly, I know, but a lot of her ideas are actually pretty cute. ;) She told me one day that she'd like to see text faces on my nails. Lol.. what? Texting faces? Yup, those smiley faces that you make while you text (or blog). So, that's what I have for you today! Take a look at these super adorable nails. :)
Hahaha see?! They're literally texting faces on my nails! Gee Mom, you come up with some great ideas I do have to say... And take a look at my awesome (yet lame) phone. ;) It's just a Pantech Pursuit II but I love the keyboard and the colors, green and black, so it works. :) Anyway! Back to the nails. Continue reading for more pictures! :)

What am I going to do without this color club clear nail polish bottle?! I think I'd probably just fill it up with water and continue to pose with it because it's seriously my favorite brand to pose with haha! xD
Here's my thumb with the rest of my smiley face nails! :) >.< :) xD ;] :p Which one is your favorite? I like the ;] and xD the best! :D
Just a shot of my thumb with my phone again lol >.< I have to say, I love my Pantechs :) I just wish it was a smart phone of course but this works. xD
One last shot of all the nails! :D Thanks again Mom for coming up with some great ideas! These were so easy to make. :) I just used a white base (again I know... I love white nails though!) and black acrylic paint and a brush to make them all. :)
Oh... One last picture just for giggles. xD Hahaha my cat makes the weirdest poses. Say hello to Charlie! The little terror in our house. You are some hot stuff though kitty. ;)
Thanks for taking a look at my smiley face nails and until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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